First on the planet: Clickwalk has delivered the world's first city-wide, street-level visual reality, based on real cities, since 1999.

Seeing is believing. Perception is reality. Image is everything.

Clickwalk-cities in Norway

Oslo Oslo - 645
Larvik Larvik - 215
Stavanger Stavanger - 180
Bergen Bergen - 83
Drammen Drammen - 72
Sandefjord Sandefjord - 49
Hamar Hamar - 37
Tønsberg Tønsberg - 29
Langesund Langesund - 24
Trondheim Trondheim - 20
Sarpsborg Sarpsborg - 18                    

This is

This is the home page (start page) of The world's first city wide, panorama based visual reality, openly available on the net since 1999. Here you will find information about what Clickwalk is, as well as links to the cities.

NOTE: Clickwalk is not currently an active project, and may never become one again. It is historic, though, see history below.

The start page for is the main portal to Clickwalk's Norwegian city walks.

What Clickwalk is in about 15 seconds

Clickwalk is a photographic model of the world on the Internet.

In thousands of high resolution images you can wander and look around in a 3D universe put together from images of the real world.

Clickwalk is a user friendly user interface to the visual earth delivered in the World Wide Web on the net.

(The picture was taken from Apollo 17, from NASA)

Choose a city to start Clickwalk

Click on a city in the list on the left. The numbers indicate how many panoramas you can wander around in for each city

Instructions for use are also found in the main menu near the top of every page (menu item "Help").

The pictures were taken in 1998 and 2000, and therefore represent some recent city history. New images and a completely new user interface will appear in the near future.

Read about Clickwalk in Norway.

Clickwalk History

Clickwalk started out in 1996, and Oslo Clickwalk was available on the net early in 1999, predating most of the equivalent services today by eight to ten years.

Clickwalk was the very first city-wide immersive reality service of its kind, and before Clickwalk there was no other service on the net offering anything like it.

For example, Google Streetview came out in May of 2007, and the only new feature compared to Clickwalk was continuous panoramas, a technology that the web browsers could not handle well in 1999.

We will be happy to tell you more Clickwalk history if anyone wants to know, see contact info below.

(The picture shows the Clickwalk car that roamed the streets of Oslo in 1998 and 2000 with eight cameras on the roof)

Effective marketing of stores, shopping malls, hotels, museums, galleries, and much more.

Staying visible on the Internet with a message that sells is not a task to be taken lightly.

It is our, perhaps not very humble, position that Clickwalk is one of the most cost effective tools available on the net for marketing stores, shopping malls, hotels, museums, amusement parks etc.

The illustration shown is not entirely self-explanatory, so here is the explanation.

Contact us

To hear more about the above, please contact us for a meeting, a demonstration, and if desired, a quote. Questions, suggestions etc are also very welcome. Send mail to, or call Kjell Øystein Arisland at +47 92825510.

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